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The operation of the website is solely intended for the sale of Edäi brand products and/or third party’s products with which Edäi has created an alliance.


By placing an order, you declare your intention to purchase the products contained in the order, in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Edäi may decide, at its discretion and without any compensation of any kind in your favor, not to accept abnormal orders, orders that we suspect have not been placed in good faith or orders that may be suspected of being fraudulent.





Once you have completed the information in the purchase form, you must proceed to the payment of your order through the payment methods specified on the website.


Upon payment you will receive a purchase receipt as order confirmation, both on the website at the time of purchase and through the email you have provided in the purchase form, which includes: the number of your order, a summary of the items purchased and the shipping address. The conclusion of the contract will take place at the moment you receive this confirmation, which will constitute your proof of purchase.


If at the time of payment there is an incident that prevents the completion of the payment, you will receive an automatic payment error message and your order will not be processed until the payment process is completed successfully.


The prices of the products offered on the website are expressed in euros (€) including transport and handling costs of such products, and whose final amounts will be indicated at the time of payment of each order. The price charged for a product will be the price in effect at the time the order is placed and will be reflected in the purchase receipt. Edäi may change prices at any time without prior notice. Price changes will only be applicable to orders placed after such changes.


All prices shown for the products are final prices, expressly including value added tax (hereinafter "VAT") or other taxes applicable in Spain, but do not include charges for transport and handling of the products, unless indicated. The charges corresponding to transport, handling and its corresponding VAT or other taxes, will be shown on the website during the processing of the order and, in any case, in the proof of purchase once your order is formalized.


For purchases delivered outside the European Economic Community: any duties and taxes that may exist due to the nationalization of the product (in accordance with the regulations of the country or region where you are) are not included, and that you must pay to the corresponding customs authority at the time of delivery of your order. Edäi has no control over such amounts, so any additional amount due to customs clearance will be your responsibility. Customs policies vary significantly from country to country, so we recommend that you check with the relevant customs office for more information.


At certain times, Edäi may offer discount codes. Such discounts may only be applied in accordance with the instructions specified by Edäi with respect to each code, and you may only use one discount code per order. The use of discount codes will not be compatible with certain promotional actions and collections.



All products on our website are subject to limited productions, therefore, it is possible that some of the colors or models may be out of stock at some point and they will not be replenished.


We do not guarantee the availability of any product or service on the website. We reserve the right, without liability or prior notice, to change, suspend or discontinue the availability of any product or service.



Each garment is individually made in a small workshop. Therefore, it is possible that you may notice details or aesthetic imperfections, which does not mean that the garment does not fulfill its function.


We are perfectionists and we take care of every detail of the garment, but there are things that, when done in an artisanal way, are out of our control.

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